Journal History

The Citrus Research & Technology - ISSN 2177-5419 printed version and ISSN 2236-3122 online version (ex-Laranja journal), established in 1980, was the first regular publication to address exclusively the citrus industry. It was first published by the name "Boletim Técnico", however it was re-named to "Anais da Semana da Citricultura" a few years later and finally adopted its current name.

Since its foundation, 30 years ago, journal has been regarded as a remarkable, permanent source of information on the several areas that are related to the citrus industry.

Intended readership includes researchers, agronomist engineers, biologists, extensionists as well as citrus growers. 
Thoroughout its pages many facts that were and are related to the development of the citrus industry worldwide have been registered.

Currently, Citrus Research & Technology (ex-Laranja) is classified as “B3”, according to the QUALIS-CAPES system of classification, in the area Agricultural Sciences.